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The Century Tree (Spirit of Aggieland) (Full view)The Century Tree (Spirit of Aggieland) (Detail view)
The Century Tree (Spirit of Aggieland)
This is my rendition of the Century Tree. The Century Tree is a majestic oak, planted during the birth of Texas A&M University campus well over a hundred years ago. The tree serves as reminder of the Spirit of Aggieland and is a popular tourist and wedding proposal site. One thing I really love about the tree is its massive branches that are allowed to droop freely onto the ground, and the single lamppost standing alongside the tree.
This piece began as a free-hand sketch of white pencil on black paper. Then, I transferred the design onto the scratchboard, and began the process of scratching away the many, many, many (many) leaves, building the leaves up in layers to give depth, and scratching them in deeper and denser near the lamppost to convey the wash of light given off by the lamppost. I hope you will feel the same sense of peace from this image as I have experienced during my times enjoying the tree at Texas A&M University.